This is a rules-light tabletop game for space adventures with OSR spirit. 

It contains:

  • A minimalist ruleset;
  • A random character generator;
  • A cantina generator with snacks and NPCs (to be expanded);
  • A  setting generator called "The Spaceverse" where you generate a sandbox adventure to navigate using poker cards (to be improved);
  • A rustic dice roller to use in case you don't have real dice;

Future Implements:

  • Rumour and adventure hooks for each cantina NPC;
  • An archive where you can keep saved the characters and settings you like;
  • The "Ex-Machina" where you can customize your own generators;
  • Upgraded dice roller with automate advantage/disadvantage rolls;
  • A bigger randomization library for monsters, factions, places, equipment, reavers and so on;

Any constructive feedback and suggestions are welcome. 

Have a good game!


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