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This is a hack of the game Raid on Istanbul by Jacek Kuziemski, you can find the original game here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/353463

Some major differences of Raid the Citadel:

  • The roll now uses 2d6 instead of 2d4, so some of the encounters may be harder or easier than in the original.
  • A single encounter table because everything happens on land. There's also a map generator that creates mountains and swamps as obstacles.
  • When the enemy HP reaches 0, they are destroyed and you cannot interact with them anymore. 
  • You gain gold by the amounts of damage you cause, so you can pillage, run away and wait for them to recover their losses before raiding again, but peaceful interaction becomes unavailable.
  • Some encounters may cause more than 1 damage to the player.

WARNING: the game is completely unplaytested, enjoy at your own risk!

Update 1:

  • The mountains are now limited to two regions
  • The cursed staff now casts random blessings if you sacrifice people (also you lose morale by doing it)

Update 2: Just a clarification I forgot to put in the first draft: as in raid on Istanbul, morale doesn't increase, you start with the max amount you can have.

Update 3: sample female raiders!

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AuthorGnarled Monster
GenreRole Playing
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I spent most of the game desperately trying to coax my cultists out of the swamps they kept wallowing in and getting my Charisma (and only my Charisma) upgraded by fairies. An absolute delight, thanks for this little adventure!

I don't quite understand the encounters. What kind of interactions can you do? if you fail the wisdom test in a trap do you get the reward? can you go inside a place multiple times?

also, can you rotate the map parts?


This is a great game! it brings me a ton of fun when playing at the office. But the game sometimes bogged me down with the "navigation" mechanic, i had to roll for WITS too many times and....felt kinda bored. But that's all. The game is a beautiful gem that i'm trying to find in my whole life. Thank you very much!


Yeah, the navigation mechanic makes more sense in the original game which is pirate themed. xD Thank you so much for playing it!