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so if you buy this do you get the finished product if/when you finish it?


Hey, tried to purchase, but's payment system doesn't want to transfer funds from US to BR (This is a Stripe thing, not an thing as far as I know). This must be a new policy, as I've bought your other works. Don't know if you want to reach out to about changing payment systems. I know there are a lot of BR creators on here, and a lot of US customers.

This looks lovely! How did you promote it? Or did the itch community do its magic again?

Hey there! Any progress on this?

It's almost done! I'm finishing the last illustrations right now

Great news!


Any update? Thank you :)


The writing is 90% done, I'm working on the final illustrations right now. I'm planning to have everything finished by the end of October!


It seems something has thwarted your plans and October is over now. I hope it can be finished till the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

i hope me too!


Let me buy it in the physical version! Preferably from Sword Fish Island - just like your previous projects.

Thank you for finding the strength to keep working and creating.

Good luck and I look forward to your next projects.

Yes, please print!!!

We now have print copies for sale on this page.

sorry Crowns is now in physical copy not The Archon Runis

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I love the art in this, it has such a lovely vibe to it. Looking forward to seeing how this setting develops.

I just went to back the project, but this project seems to only process payments via making an account through PayPal, which unfortunately is giving me issues. I am able to pay with card on other projects, but for some reason it only gives the option to pay through PayPal here. Is there way for you to enable paying through card, or is there perhaps another way to back the project aside from through PayPal?

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Thank you for the compliments! Unfortunately, I can only accept payments through PayPal right now (unless you're brazilian, you could send me a PIX!) but once it's done you'll probably have the option to buy the physical copies elsewhere, if you follow my itch page you will be notified! o/


Oh no, that's a shame. I very much understand though, thanks for letting me know! Definitely let us know when physical copies are going to be available elsewhere and where, so I can make sure to pick up a copy then.

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Alex's works always amaze me.
This one in particular has a very specific vibe that I like a lot. I feel that playing in this setting won't be like anything else I've played so far. The art is super cool, and the dungeons maps are awesome.

Can't wait to throw my players in this setting to smash (and get smashed by) some pots!


I really think setting stuff like this is where the value's at, and rules are valuable only insofaras they enrich a setting. With that in mind, does your zine provide any rules that define the use or value of these "arcane crystals?"

Yes! I'll describe how they are used and how much they are valuable inside and outside the setting, so you can bring them over to your own campaigns. I don't have any specific mechanics in mind yet, but it will probably be something neutral like "x-in-6".


What are potkins? Are they those creatures that look like lamps and teapots?

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Exactly, they are these living creatures made of clay in the shape of pots!