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Hello everyone!

This thing took way longer than I expected, But it's finally done!

Well, the first part of it. I decided to split the planned content in three issues. This one will focuse on the keep and the wilderness regions around it.

The Stronglaw Keep has a list of descriptions and contents for each building and a notice board with 20 "adventure hooks" tied to the hexcrawl setting, the Wicked Pallovalley. The hexcrawl has 36 hexes divided into 6 different regions, each one with it's own list of contents, rumours and random encounters!

20 pages of system-agnostic content and ideas ready for your table! Including some optional rules and procedures for running hexcrawls.

Some things left to be done along the way:

  • A general revision of spelling, colors etc (DONE)
  • A print friendly document (DONE?)
  • A portuguese edition (DONE!)

Anyone who donates at the minimum price will have access to every file uploaded in the future, including new editions, translations and so on.

Have a good time with your friends and thank you for supporting my work! 🙏

UPDATE: I've partnered with Jacob Hurst and this zine is going to be printed and distributed by Swordfish Islands! You can pre-order your physical copy here:

ATTENTION: When you purchase a physical copy at swordfish islands you also get the last version of the PDF, the douple page version and the player map. Everything else on itch is exclusive to donators, including future uploads.

UPDATE 2: As I'm working the second issue, I have made a 2-page dungeon of the original caves for easy of reference. I uploaded it here for free in the "download demo" section. Bear in mind it is not a preview of the next issue, as I intend to change the maps and contents to fit the themes and aesthetics of the first issue.


Get this zine and 5 more for $15.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$5.00 $2.50 USD or more

In order to download this zine you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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BTB I - Print Cover.pdf 4 MB
Beyond The Borderlands - Player Maps.pdf 13 MB
Map - Stronglaw Keep.png 4 MB
Map - Wicked Pallovalley.png 2 MB
BTB - Unkeyed Maps.rar 5 MB
Beyond The Borderlands 1 - PT-BR.pdf 15 MB

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Enjoy! 🎲

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frogman wallpaper.jpg 5 MB
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Hi there.  I had an issue trying to purchase this game.  Before completing payment via card, I received a message that said:

"There was an error processing your payment:  Stripe doesn't currently support application fees for platforms in the US with connected accounts in BR.  If you are unsure, please contact support with the above message."

I am from the USA.  I tried afterwards and I am able to purchase content from other creators, so this may be on your end.  Didn't know if you were aware or had suggestions?  I wanted to inform you because I thought this might hinder your current Itchfunding.

Greetings (And Merry Christmas!) I don't know why but I couldn't buy the game from So I had to purchase it from DriveThruRPG. But there is only 1 file on DriveThru. Is there any way that I could get the other files like Player Maps and PT-BR version? I can if I need to provide the email from DriveThru or the order number.

Send me a message on twitter or instagram and I'll send you a download key!

Thanks! I sent a direct message on Instagram =] 

da pra comprar a versão em português PDF por aqui?

Sim, o arquivo dela tá incluso na compra

Ciao. Ho acquistato il PDF qui, ma come posso entrare in possesso di eventuali update?


Hello! The pdf won't be updated anymore, but the second zine is here:


the art is so cute



the graphics are outstanding 😭😭


Wonderful art! This Zine promises!


This looks wonderfu!


The art is so cute! The layout is wonderful, the ideas are fun, I cannot wait to see the second one!


All I gotta say is wow the art is great


Love it. Can't wait for #2. Any news?

Coming soon!

Will it be available in print? I bought #1 through Swordfish Islands.


Can't wait to play this and see the other parts! Great flavor in both the adventure and the zine itself :)

Thank you! The second issue is coming soon!

Hey, would there be a way or place where I could get that frogman pattern used in the PDF. I really want to use it as my desktop background but have been having trouble getting it to tessalate.

(1 edit)

"Exclusive content"

"Support this zine at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive."

Okay, sounds interesting. But a bit lacking in concrete information.

Is the exclusive thing a secret?

And what is the specific price point? Are we supposed to guess? Because it's not mentioned anywhere, even in the purchase screen.

Sorry for the confusion! "Exclusive content" is the standard name of the section that we use to distribute community copies of the game (which are free, so the price doesn't appear). If I was charging extra for something the price would be visible!

I still feel like I'm not understanding something, then.

It literally says "Support this zine at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive." (emphasis mine)


That reads to me like it's saying "Pay a bit more and get something cool that isn't normally available."

This text is not mine and I can't edit it. It's the standard text for the reward section of itch, which was made to distribute exclusive stuff, but we use to distribute free community copies.

(1 edit)

Ah, that explains it.

Thank you for the clarification.

And the coolness of using an "extra money" section for generosity instead!


Hi, I saw Diogo review this, and am now excited to get a copy and use it to play my kids through their first campaign.  I had one question - is the Goblin Caves and Kobold layer separate - or will be covered in Zine #2 - the dungeons ?  I figure i might buy the pdf's here at Itch - then wait for the swordfish hardback to buy a physical copy

Both dungeons will be in the second issue, but I'm redrawing them and I will probably rewrite too, and they will be available for free once the second issue is released!


Thanks mate. Looking forward to the second issue and sending my kids... TO THE KEEP...


how do you print this off if you are at home?

(1 edit) (+1)

Set your printer to print in booklet format, it's going to place the pages in the right order and it turn the sheets automatically if your printer has that option, if not it will print one side of the sheet first and then you will have to put the paper back to print on the other side, follow the instructions of your printer and you will be fine! I would suggest to make a test first to be careful, print a black white fast draft to learn how to do it then you print in high quality color.

Then fold the sheets, staple them in the back and your home made zine is done!

Hi, Gnarled Monster! I just ordered a physical zine from Swordfish Islands but unfortunately it looks like a "free pdf copy included" is not the same as you have here – I have a limited number of downloads (3, to be exact) with no png maps, no double pages. Can I get a copy from Itch too or I need to buy the same thing again? Thank you

Hello! 😁

The pdf that swordfish gives you is the same I'm giving here, but everything else is exclusive to my itch donators, including any future uploads.


I think, it's worth to mention this on Swordfish Islands site because now I feel like I bought a wrong thing.

Sorry, I never thought about that but you're right, I should mention it somewhere. Send me an e-mail to we will figure out something.

Got it, message sent. Thanks!


Posted below is a Review I wrote for this project before learning doesn't apparently show this in a public way:

Alex Damaceno's "Beyond the Borderlands" is a worthwhile purchase for even the most frugal tabletop RPG player, as it provides a beautiful marriage of artistic whimsy and utilitarian design. With inspiration clearly taken and acknowledged from the classic "Keep on the Borderlands" module, what is provided within the first issue is something most Game Masters need but seldom consider until it is too late: an exceptionally modular micro-setting starter zone from which adventures may begin.

Stronglaw Keep is well laid out in an isometric illustration which gives a clear sense of how one could navigate through it, defend it, besiege it, stage ambushes, or go unseen by watchmen. Beyond the diagram, the keyed locations are all fairly elaborated upon, enough that a GM could slot in other modules, NPCs, and rumors to fit the locale without much additional tailoring. Intrigue on how one could influence, blackmail, or usurp the Bailiff is casually layered throughout the locations; his older brother runs the Bluewine Tavern, the Blacksmith must obey the Bailiff's orders, et cetera. Just enough information and a sense of flavor to make use of the area; yet generic enough that you could easily replace any name with something more befitting your personal setting desires.

Loot and Stuff is where the deeper utility comes into play, outlining the various treasures and equipment which can be found within the Keep. Nothing here is outlandish or of a game-breaking power; rather instead it skews towards the small comforts that might otherwise go unappreciated. Variety is had to the food stuffs, though all are simple. Guests are of a variety at the Inn, and they speak to potential intrigue in the surrounding Borderlands (which once again, is generic but flavorful enough to invoke curiosity.)

 The Notice Board has ample rumors, or rather hooks which could be a good basis for getting a party out into the field, fleshing out further intrigue or plotlines, or what simply to change up the status quo. Among such rumors and hooks are also a few bits of idle gossip, pinned up; which could be used to flesh-out any character who may have posted such things.

The Wicked Pallovalley section itself offers a very basic but entirely useful set of travel rulings for hexploration; and though they are not of great use to me I know from personal experience that making travel rules fun is akin to finding the Holy Grail, so I'll not spite efforts made; it does its works. 

I would note my first Caveat here though; we receive an amazing map of the Pallovalley, but our introduction to its localities does not give us a sense of why we should adventure in it; it is there of course, but I like a bit of purple prose, a paragraph to sell the intrigue of this region, that this is a borderland taken by monsters who will claw out towards civilization, or that the dark forces of Chaos seek new power here and must be stopped; just a small overarching sense of why this realm is dangerous fits my proclivities; but this is a Caveat not an issue proper which would steam my grits.

 We are given exceptionally fun hex illustrations of the various sub-regions; the Keep's Domains, Hunting Groves, Dusky Woods, Sludgy Bog, Rockfall Range, and Scarlet Forest: each with a d6 of region specific rumors (noted as True, False, or Partially False), and a 2d6 of Regional Encounters. All of these have enough going for them to invoke curiosity, inspire a session, or make for an interesting encounter---and this is before we get into the numbered hexes which possess detail enough to make their gimmick or core feature succinctly known.

Travel thus, throughout the Pallovalley, will always have something going on, and given the size of the regions themselves there shouldn't be too much repeated material unless desired. These localities are perfect to tailor sessions for, and I must applaud that; no hex feels a wasted place, and no encounter seems generic to the point of being unnecessary.

 What Comes Next is a worthy section to note; as it ensures to us that there will be two more zines in this series; a Dungeon zine and a Bestiary zine--with note that all the Bestiary entities will be illustrated and assembled for paper miniature use. The dungeons themselves sound interesting, good enough to teach the basics of a world of them to newer players or those wishing to get back to the simpler roots of the hobby.

 Of Note: Demaceno has posted both The Kobold Lair & The Goblin Caves as a One Page Dungeon with map, illustrations, et cetera; which could be of use if you want to delve right into using this setting from the get-go with a cohesive aesthetic vision present.

General Notes: I am a big fan of Demaceno's work, both from a design perspective and for a charm of the artistic perspective. I would wholeheartedly recommend this product and the whole of Alex's works to anyone who wants to get involved in tabletop role-playing games. I would say I think his work is most useful to a new Game Master, someone who wants to experiment but might require additional guidance to get what it is they want out of something. The aesthetics help make it approachable and fun, the tone is enchanting in how it makes you want to have fun.

Pairs Well With: As a long fan of the Chaos Scar setting from 4th Edition D&D which also took heavy inspiration from the Keep on the Borderlands series; I would recommend those modular adventures which could fit well into the Pallovalley and give it further longevity. Additional Borderlands inspired work could go well with it, though this may require further tailoring on the part of the GM. I would likely run Beyond the Borderlands with a simple system that fits my personal tastes, such as the Black Hack or Whitehack, something that is easily accessible and clear in its purposes; as I think Beyond the Borderlands might work best in such a scenario.

End Notes: I rate this work a 5/5. It has a lot of amazing things going for it, and the caveats or not entirely favored thoughts I hold to it are matters of personal opinion. I think a final unified project, with a few more illustrations and clever layout (the Notice Board would've made a lovely illustration/drop-dice/illustrated table), would be nothing short of a grand success.

Purchase this book, enkindle a sense of nostalgia that is cultivated in the sense of enjoying the work for sake of joy, rather than anything else.


Absolutely wonderful art and very charming hex maps here!   There is plenty of brainfood and inspiration to kick off a dynamic series of adventures with all the things I like to see and find useful: Rumors, Encounters, Interesting Situations, and Intriguing Locations!


I just got it and am looking at it now. Exceptional! Clearly written, beautiful art & layout. I decided to get it when I saw the environments & tiny cute creature designs. I'll print it out and put it to use as fantasy/rpg creativity fuel.


The beautiful art and maps are worth the price alone! Even if you don't play traditional fantasy RPGs, the images and ideas in this zine are inspiring for anyone looking for some fantasy, some whimsy, and some spooky.