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We are finally back to the Borderlands! And this time we make a quick stop at the infamous Bloody Ravine.

In these 20 pages you will find:

  • A unique alert system and sneaking mechanic inspired by MGSV
  • Three adventure hooks directly connected to the Stronglaw Keep
  • Six 12-room dungeons with short descriptions and random encounters
  • An illustrated bestiary with 60 creatures from this issue and the first one
  • A tracking sheet with all the dungeons together to take notes

In the future, you will also have access to a PDF with all the paper minis and a zip file with tokens for VTT. A Portuguese translation is also on the way.

Preorder the physical zine at Swordfish Islands:

The first 250 orders will also get a sheet with 18 stickers!

PS.: The physical zine also gives you access to all digital files so you don't need to buy in both places. Purchase here if you want just the digital files!

The monster stats are designed for my little game Dungeon Reavers, it fits in a single sheet of paper:

Have fun! ❤️

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(54 total ratings)
AuthorGnarled Monster
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsDungeon Crawler, Fantasy, nsr, Sandbox


Get this game and 5 more for $15.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$5.00 $2.50 USD or more

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tracking sheet.png 1 MB

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News for the 3 part?

(1 edit)

hey any news on the PDF with all the paper minis and a zip file with tokens for VTT? Just curious…



Loved both issues! Do you have an estimate on Issue #3 release date? 

I especially love the valley area map. I would love to see it expanded to the NE,SW,NW,SE. The jpg is easily placed into a VTT and used for online play. You wouldn't even have to add any flavor text for the maps the little cartoons per hex are just awesome and great triggers for ideas. My guess is other GMs would gladly purchase them as well.

Keep up the great work!

(1 edit) (+1)


I don't have an estimate yet as I'm taking some time to work on other projects, but I'm planning the third zine to be a procedural megadungeon under the valley. I won't be making expansions for this setting specifically but I'll probably make more micro-setting maps like the first zine in the future! 🙏


I love the layout design, it's pretty yet very very usable and informative.

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm glad you enjoy it! <3


Meu velho, como faço pra comprar em golpinhos? O itch não está aceitando meu pagamento.

Espera o financiamento da impressão PT-BR, vai sair esse mês ainda! Se inscreve aqui pra ser avisado no dia do lançamento:


24 monsters + stats AAAND pictures on one spread!? DUUUUUDEEEE??!?!?!?!?!


hehehe Yes 


Hi, loving the PDF and can't wait until the print version arrives! I was wondering though, will the future issue contain the dungeon under the keep? The foreword only mentioned the Cave of the Unknown, so I thought I'd ask. Thanks for all your work!

(1 edit)

Thanks for asking! I can't guarantee it will be on issue 3, but I assure it will be in the final hardcover edition

(1 edit)

Beautiful stuff! I even managed to put them on a VTT finally <3! Would love some unlabeled version of the maps.

​I cannot believe how gorgeous and fun this is. The art? The Maps? Oh heck. Just check these NPC pages! So incredible!!!


As usual, bought the module both from Swordfish Islands as well as here since the digital content will most likely be updated more often on :)

Was a no-brainer considering the quality of the first zine.


Thank you very much! ❤️


I preordered BtB2! However, going to downloads, it doesn't include the tracking sheet. Perhaps that could be a 'demo' on itch? Either way, thanks for the awesomeness!

It was supposed to be there too, gonna check that. But good idea! Gonna keep the tracking sheet as a demo file. Thanks!


Awesome, I have followed the development ofBtB since you were posting the regions on twitter. I cant wait to play it! Your dedication to your work is a great source of inspiration!

Have fun and let me know how it goes on your table! 🙌


Great! I was waiting for this for so long!