Gnarled Monster

A swamp microsetting for tabletop games
A spooky one-page dungeon inspired by Ravenloft
A shifting megadungeon for tabletop adventure games
A campaign sheet for sandbox gameplay in the known world of Mork Borg
A micro-setting zine for tabletop adventure games
A series of dungeons and monsters for tabletop adventures!
A set of paper miniatures for the Mutants of Ixx
A mini-zine ruleset for tabletop adventures
A pamphlet and minizine dungeon for Pacts & Blades
A sketchbook to create worlds in 12-sided origami dice
A Minimalist Worldbuilding Wargame
A PDF to print your own isometric sketchbooks!
A hexcrawl fantasy setting for tabletop adventure games
A tabletop sandbox game for space adventures
Beat the legendary chicken-who-bites-everything or die trying!
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A character background made for Troika